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Fort McMurray Fire

May 4, 2016

Our thoughts this morning are with our clients and the Fort McMurray community at large. At this early point little is known of the extent of damage to private residences.

If you live in Fort McMurray and you are insured with us, regardless of whether you know your property has been damaged, please contact our office.

Personal Property policies (Homeowners, Tenants, Condominium, Rented Dwelling) all contain provisions to bear the cost of living out expenses as a result of fire. As well, even if your residence has not been damaged, because you have been evacuated by civil authorities, your policy will provide for these living out expenses.

Living out expenses include any necessary expenses, including moving expenses. Please keep receipts for hotel/motel accommodation for submission to your insurer.

Past experience with fires in Kelowna and Slave Lake indicate you should expect to be out of your home for several weeks. Maintaining public safety, security of personal property and confirming the safety of the municipal infrastructure (power, water, sewer) will all have to take place before you are allowed back into the area. We recommend securing accommodation and acquiring the necessities of life with this time frame in mind.

Automobile policies in the Province of Alberta that have either Comprehensive or Specified Perils coverage are insured for the peril of fire.

All major Canadian insurance companies will be activating their catastrophe claims teams to assist you. When you contact us, we will put you in contact with those personnel.

As well, all emergency Claims contact telephone numbers are available on our website in our Claims section.

780.439-HELP (4357)

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