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Arrange your Flood insurance now!

  When water remains where it is supposed to, it can be beautiful. When it goes bad, it goes really bad. Most Albertans are protected for backing up of sewers and water damage from burst pipes. However until now flood insurance for your home has not been...

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Old Pipes with New Problems

Discussing aging underground infrastructure and recent societal impacts on sewer backups. This article is reproduced with permission from Sintra Engineering Inc. With the recent release of the Flood maps by the City of Edmonton, we thought it relevant to provide you...

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Business Interruption Insurance

I am about to open a small store selling old-fashioned candy, but I’m not sure what kind of insurance I need. Someone mentioned "business interruption insurance". What does that involve? Business-interruption insurance can help keep your business from going sour if...

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Do Some Car Models Cost Less To Insure?

I am trying to save money on my car insurance. A friend says certain models of cars cost less to insure than others, even if they are more expensive to buy? If so, which cars should I consider buying, and which ones should I avoid? The choice is “CLEAR.” Your friend...

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