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Personal Products

At Roberts-McClure Insurance, we provide a variety of packages to meet your Home insurance, Auto insurance or Travel insurance needs.

Our clients have told us they want:

Discounts and bundles that can add up to savings
The right coverage for their car, home and personal items
Customized coverage that fits their budget


You want the right home insurance. We want to find it for you.

Your Home. You invest a lot of time, money and energy in maintaining it. Unfortunately, many of life’s nasty surprises can happen there. Your Home insurance is designed to do two basic things: protect your property and protect you against legal actions.

There are a few things you should consider in choosing a Homeowner’s Insurance program.


Travel Insurance protects you in the case of medical and family emergencies, delays and cancellation costs that can happen anytime, anywhere, whether you travel frequently or occasionally.

Roberts-McClure home insurance coverage


Automobile insurance in Alberta is provided using a Government of Alberta regulated Standard Policy Form (SPF#1). The basic coverage may only be modified using government-approved forms called endorsements. Each endorsement is numbered. The following is an overview of the main sections of coverage that are available as well as some key endorsements.
Suitcases representing Roberts-McClure travel insurance

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