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Travel Insurance

We know Canadian travelers appreciate the protection and value offered by our comprehensive, affordable travel insurance programs.
“Whether you go to Radium or Regina for the weekend, to Mexico for fun, or travel out of province on business, you need to be sure you have the medical coverage you need when you leave Alberta. You might have to pay out of pocket for services you receive in another province or country, even if AHCIP covers those services in Alberta.”  – Alberta Health

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Travel Insurance protects you in the case of medical and family emergencies, delays and cancellation costs that can happen anytime, anywhere, whether you travel frequently or occasionally.

Canadians make almost 20 million trips to the U.S. alone each year. Whether it is a dash across the border for gas and groceries, a weekend getaway, or a winter Snowbird retreat, all these trips have a a common need – Travel Insurance. Provincial health care plans only pay the amount equivalent to the healthcare cost in Alberta – typically about 7% of comparable U.S costs. Without travel insurance your two-week vacation budget can easily be blown by something as simple as food poisoning, a dental cavity or appendicitis.

Visitors to Canada also need Travel Insurance. Traveling outside your home country without travel medical insurance can be an expensive gamble. Medical and dental care in Canada is costly and the Canadian government recommends that visitors be adequately insured during their stay in the country.

We offer:

Plans for Canadians travelling Outside Their Home Province
Plans for Visitors to Canada
Plans for International Students
Trip Cancellation / Interruption
Baggage Insurance
Rental Car Protection

Roberts-McClure Insurance is pleased to represent TuGo who have more than 40 years experience as a third-party travel insurance administrator.

We understand the travel business. More importantly, we understand what travelers want: quality service, and coverage they can count on. TuGo develop medical and non-medical travel insurance plans for traveling Canadians, visitors to Canada and international students living in Canada.

We offer coverage for:

  • Emergency Medical Insurance Worldwide
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Insurance
  • Student Medical Insurance for International Students Studying in Canada
  • Student Medical Insurance for Canadian Students Studying abroad

Travel-Related Questions?

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