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Collector car insurance

Collector Car Insurance

We represent Hagerty Insurance, the leading classic insurance company in Canada. With Hagerty you receive the following benefits.

For all Collector Cars


Agreed Value

Using Hagerty’s industry-leading tools, you can determine the true value of your classic and we will create an insurance policy to protect it. You avoid the cost of an expensive appraisal.


Low Annual Premiums

We can save you money with Hagerty. They specialize in antique and collector cars, so they can offer better coverage at significantly lower prices than traditional insurers.


Flexible Usage

Hagerty knows classic and collector cars were made to be driven. Whether going to the car show, or simply enjoying a summer drive, you’re protected.


Guaranteed Flatbed Roadside Assistance

Hagerty provides guaranteed flatbed towing with soft straps, unlimited emergency service for towing, battery jumps and lockouts.


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Collector cars insurance on a red classic truck

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